Does Cannabis Kill Brain Cells?

Cannabis is a plant that is known by many to produce a feeling of intoxication for those who consume it. It possesses certain compounds such as THC, which has psychoactive properties and can affect your thinking. Despite this, Cannabis has a plethora of health benefits as well. Due to the altered state of the mind, many people have heard that Cannabis kills brain cells. Well, does it? Here we’ll present some research and science that discusses whether or not your brain is adversely affected by Cannabis consumption.

Cannabis and Cognitive Functioning 

It is important to note that one shouldn’t confuse feeling “high” as confirmation that your brain cells are dying while consuming Cannabis. Though an addiction or chemical dependency can occur from frequent Cannabis use, it does not destroy brain cells. 

There have been some studies conducted that have exhibited that a person’s memory, cognitive functioning, reasoning capabilities, and reaction times were not far off between those who consumed Cannabis regularly and those who did not. For the purposes of the studies, regularly indicates Cannabis use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Surprisingly to many, Cannabis possesses neuroprotective properties. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD can be alleviated through a monitored dosage of Cannabis, which essentially means that it can assist with mood regulation. It also helps to alleviate pain symptoms related to fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. Cannabis has gained a lot of popularity for those who have cancer and frequently experience nausea as a result of chemotherapy. 

Though not heavily researched, there is a general consensus amongst scientists that the differences between the brains of those who use Cannabis and those who do not are negligible. This does not speak to dying brain cells, but more so dependency, mood, and other areas of cognitive functioning. 

Cannabis and Memory 

Additinally, senior citizens that consumed Cannabis reported improved cognitive functioning. However, it should be noted that younger individuals do not have fully developed nervous systems or organs and they may be affected differently by long term or heavy Cannabis use; for adults, no brain damage whatsoever has been recorded due to Cannabis consumption. It has shown to be helpful as opposed to detrimental to brain development for those who choose to use it recreationally and also for medicinal purposes. 
Be sure to do your own research when deciding whether you want to consume Cannabis or any Cannabis byproducts; a little research will actually reveal that your body has Cannabinoid receptors which seem to give credence to why Cannabis can help aid in a myriad of ailments. It is completely safe to be used and will not have any detrimental effects on your brain.

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