I used CBD for the first time and I felt surprising changes

As a woman in her 40s living in London with 2 children, I often find myself pulled in many different directions. Whether it is taking care of my kids, pursuing a career or trying to maintain some social life, I feel as though I am constantly juggling.  

The last few months have been particularly tough due to Corona. I had to find a new job and the kids were home most of the time demanding my full attention. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and not sleeping properly. 

I was desperately searching for answers online. Lots of people on various Facebook groups had recommended using CBD, so I started reading and researching online as this world was completely new to me.

I wasn’t sure which company to buy from, but I saw a lot of recommendations for a site called canabd.com. A few email exchanges later with their friendly customer support team, I decided to go for their lowest strength CBD Oil.

Three weeks later, my sleep has improved, my body is aching less and I feel more focused. I can’t believe how much CBD has helped me and my quality of life. I have seen that Canabd also sell CBD in other forms, so I will give those a go too!  

Joanna – London, United Kingdom 

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