Why CBD is a must-have item in the supplement closet after age 50

I was really lucky. When I was young, old age for me was a thing detached from reality. I never intended to reach an age where my joints and thighs would hurt as I have always heard in routine conversations between old men. It was so far from me… I was sure I would die first.

But here I am… in my mid 50s and truth be told, all these things old men talked about, it’s real. Straps, muscles, joints, even bones begin to ache for no apparent reason. Nightmare!

For the past five years I have started playing football at the most competitive level I can find for guys with a beer belly in my age group – one friendly game per week :).

Since my brain is still young and stupid, and in games it lies to my body and tells it I can do anything, I run like crazy to save balls and fly for explosive attacks. It usually takes me two or three days to recover from one game and not get up with lameness and busy muscles.

Wake up painless

In May a year ago a friend of mine sent me a bottle of CBD oil. He knows I’m skeptical about such things, but insisted I try it after I complained again about how much I hurt after a game. The friend suffers from anxiety and sleep problems and kept telling me how much CBD changed his life for the better. And he knows that a lot of it is also used for pain relief.

In a desperate act I started taking CBD and did not expect much. The first time I took was after a game, when I started running again for an attack from one end of the field to the other as fast as I could (I scored a goal… I was very proud of myself at that moment, however my knees almost broke).

On the friend’s recommendation, before going to bed I took 4 drops of CBD under the tongue. The next morning surprisingly, I woke up without Pain. Not even the kind I used to wake up with just because I’m 50 plus. No way it’s because of the CBD I thought to myself. It cant be!

What is CBD and how does it work?

I searched for some information on the internet and couldn’t believe what I found, almost every study I read came to the conclusion that CBD has a real effect on a variety of medical conditions ranging from epilepsy to insomnia, chronic pain and other pain conditions.

What I’m going to tell you is my understanding of how this thing works. I’ll probably cut the technical stuff – I’m not a scientist. I encourage you to do your own research.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a chemical found in cannabis plants. CBD is important because of the way it communicates with the endocannabinoid system in the body, the same system that helps regulate homeostasis – which is known to be quite important. The endocannabinoid system has receptors throughout the body that communicate with the cell state to other parts of the body. It’s just that these receptors are clogged with all those things that harm us over time. Clogged receptors inhibit efficient communication resulting in bad things happening. CBD helps clear endocannabinoid receptors to process information more efficiently.

Clears the body’s traffic jam

The endocannabinoid system is considered to help regulate a wide range of bodily functions, especially in the central nervous system and the immune system.

Someone once described to me the effect of CBD – imagine your receptors as a highway during rush hour. CBD diverts all this traffic so you can get to where you are trying to get to, faster.

While it is true that CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and does not contain THC (or rather, particularly tiny amounts), the second time I took it I noticed that my body felt different. I almost thought I got high. But that was not it. After some reading, I realized that my body was just happy that the communication lines were open and flowing freely.

I’ve been using CBD oil since March 2020, honestly, I’m still stunned that it works so well and can not believe I did not agree to take it before.

What else does CBD help me with?

  1. In the last twenty-five years I have raised quite a few dogs, I have seen what age does to their joints and range of motion once they reach a certain age. I started giving CBD oil to the oldest dog in the bunch and so far it does not show any kind of disability in the range of motion in the joints and thighs. Check me out, it works.
  • What has further improved significantly, is the quality of sleep, I sleep more continuously, with almost no insomnia and no long thoughts into the night. CBD has the ability to help lower anxiety levels, which can be helpful in reducing sleep problems and improving quality of sleep.

Honestly, I can not believe I even write a post like this. But the results have been pretty amazing in my life and I feel I must share the experience. I wanted you to know how CBD helps me because I used to be a big skeptic. Keep an open mind and health.

One last tip: There are lots of CBD products on the market. Some are very good and some less so. Some in high concentrations, some in low. There are sprays, oils, foods, vaporizing liquids and more… I personally buy from canabd Israel. This is an international company with a website in Hebrew. They only sell products that have undergone extensive laboratory testing and have excellent customer service.

Interested in trying out CBD but not sure which CBD product is right for your needs?

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